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Innovative coating on the glass surface with chrome make it qualify as a mirror and can see through like a clear glass on the opposite side. Suitable for both interior and exterior design, such as bathrooms, dressing rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, doors, Viewzone, etc. Experience the full nature view while still maintaining privacy. Give you the opportunity to design a great bathroom. Experience the natural scenery surrounded, while adding interior dimensions and the outside to stand out, notably unlike others.
Mirachrome can meet the needs of your lifestyle. You can see and have a great experience with natural scenery in every step of daily life and it can be used to create privacy. Mirachrome also helps to reduce the heat buildup in the room by reflecting.
Mirachrome are suitable for interior and exterior decoration. Gives you the opportunity to design a great bathroom Experience the natural scenery surrounded and add dimensions to the exterior to make it stand out from the crowd. Mirachrome is designed to let you live closer to nature
Mirachrome, also known as One way mirror, have features that are like mirrors. Connect your privacy area along with nature and unlock the limits of life without sticking to the same things.
The new experience of bathing with a full panoramic view and can still be private with Mirachrome because we believe that nature will create wonderful pleasures and energies that will connect your identity with nature to assimilate into one create ideas more freely than ever before

Usage: Suitable for interior and exterior decoration such as bathroom, dressing room, bedroom, kitchen, door, Viewzone etc.

Product Info.

  • Reflectance (coating side) : 58%
  • Transmittance : ~3%
  • Maximum size : 2,250 x 3,210 mm
  • Minimum size : 100 x 100 mm
  • Thickness : 4, 6, 8, 10 mm (thickness 4,8 and 10 mm must be ordered as a customized)
  •  Process : Float, Laminated, Insulated, Tempered IP54
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