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Focco NOA Rectangle LED Mirror 2.5 x 80 x 70 cm. M0010


  • Window Screen Technology characterized by providing a high quality illumination quality, uniformly distributed through the window
  • Attractive LED mirror rectangle design size 80 x 70 cm
  • Ambient light, no reflection
  • No glare
  • Energy saving AAA level in accordance with European standard
  • Longer LED life up to 36,000 hours
  • IP44 prevents from 1mm dust and water splashes
  • Easy Installation
  • Mirror and LED designed as one
  • Less claims, longer life in perfect condition
  • Corrosion protection treatment
  •  Adjust the light to be brighter and reduce the brightness
  • Good packaging and prevent from the demange during transportation ( Fall and impact tested )
  • Use high brightness LED resulting in energy saving like LED bulb 10watt provides the full brightness as 80 watt of halogen bulb
  • Electronic device warranty for up to 5 years and mirror for 2 years


Length    (cm.) :  80 
Height    (cm.) :  70 
Depth    (cm.) :  2.5
Weight    (kg.)  :  7.5

Materials  : Anodized aluminum

Color         : Mirror

Warning    : Aavoid crashing

Usage         : Can be used to install in bathroom, bedroom or can be used in all areas

Treatment  : Clean with dry cloth 

Warranty   : 5 years


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