Focco HOLLYWOOD Decorative LED Light

SKU : L0003

Focco HOLLYWOOD Decorative LED Light 10 Watt L0003


  • Excellent lighting quality in the mirror
  • Alternating Current LED technology
  • External driver not required
  • LED spare parts not required.
  • LED decoration light length 60mm
  • Energy saving AAA level in accordance with European standard
  • Longer LED life up tp 36,000 hours
  • IP44 prevents from 1mm dust and water splashes
  • Easy Installation
  • Can be installed on the front mirror, Wooden frame, Cabinet or onthe wall
  •  Light beam up tp 153 degrees
  • Color temperature 5700 K
  •  Strong and nice packaging
  • Electronic device warranty for up to 5 years


Width (cm.)      : 60
Length   (cm.)   : 6.5 
Height   (cm.)   : 8.7
Weight     (kg.)  : 0.007

Materials :

Body : PC, PVC

Diffuser : PC

Color : White, Black

Warning : Aavoid crashing 

Usage : Can be used to install on a mirror for make up and dress up or can be installed any spot whic the light is bright

Treatment : Clean with dry cloth 

Warranty : 5 years