Flush Valve Sensor

SKU : TK-202BM53

Flush valve sensor for urinal with push button TK-202BM53



1. Waving signal that are accurate and quick to flush.
2. Water and moiturise Resistant
3. LED light display when flushing
3. Able to set up clean before use

Width      (cm.) : 13.0
Length     (cm.) : 5.0
Height      (cm.) : 13.0
Weight      (kg.)  : 0.31

Materials    : SS

Color           : Matte Black

1. Do not splash water because it damages the control panel set
2. In case of dirty cover, should wipe by using cloth or soft sponge to clean, do not use Acid facial cleanser,   Alkali, Scouring powder, Thinner, Petrol or Capillary becasue it will causes scratch on the surface
3. Should becareful when removing, putting devices because it's an electronic components
4. The area where the receiver is must not let it be scratched.
5. Flush valves should not be installed in front of the internal collisions within 1.5 m. or shiny objects that reflect light may also cause a malfunction
6. Do not install under sunlight which cause to sensor receiver
7. Should avoid flush valve contact with water because it's an electrical device
8. The intersection of various electrical should be connected tightly


Installation : Install out the wall

Treatment     : Clean with dry cloth

Warranty       : 2 years