Focco FLORA LED Mirror


SKU : M0038

Focco FLORA Round LED Mirror 5 x 60 x 60 cm. M0038


FLORA Round LED Mirror 5 x 60 x 60cm. M0038

  • Attractive LED Mirror Round Design size 60 cm.
  • High visual comfort light
  • No glare from above illumination
  • Energy saving AAA level in accordance with European standard
  • Long LED useful life up to 36,000 hours
  • IP44 prevents from 1mm dust and water splashes
  • Easy Installation
  • Mirror and LED designed as one
  • Corrosion protection treatment
  • Good packaging and prevent from the demange during transportation
  • Use high brightness LED resulting in energy saving like LED bulb 10watt provides the full brightness as 80 watt of halogen bulb
  • Electronic device warranty for up to 5 years and mirror for 2 years
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