Shower enclosure


SKU : NS9-10

Shower enclosure LAGATO 100x190 cm. NS9-10


Shiny chrome shower enclosure LAGATO 100x190 cm. NS9-10

Size : 100x190 cm

  • Safety glazing material with thickness 6 ml.
  • Glass frame made of Aluminum
  • Handle made of strong durable material 
  • Shines Soft function ( Door magnetic receiver ) 

Standard at all levels
  • A very luxurious, elegant, natural imagination and fantasy with GLASS SHIELD
  • Function that helps to reduce dirt and water trapping on the glass surface in order to always keep the shower screen new with "Easy Clean Glass Protect
Care Tips
  • Use damp cloth to wipe the glass
  • Clean the frame regularly with soapy water
  • Avoid using chemicals or sandpaper to wipe the frame or glass

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