Bidet Toilet Seat


SKU : FB106

Multifunction automatic toilet seat WDI Bidet Seat FB106

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Multifunction automatic toilet seat without electricity WDI Bidet Seat FB106

Material : Polypropylene(PP)


  • Width     : 370 mm.
  • Length    : 480 mm.
  • Height     : 60   mm.
  • Weight     : 1.5  kg.

Number of uses : 1 piece/ each toilet

Product Description 

  • Guaranteed hygiene, with two separated cleansing nozzles made of anti-bacterial plastic.
  • The nozzle automatically releases water to clean itself each time before and after the use of cleaning function.
  • Bidet (Feminine Wash) : Anterior-cleaning nozzle for ladies
  • Cleansing (Posterior Ware) : Posterior cleaning nozzle.
  • The non - electronic toilet seat and cover, easy-to-use handle allows easy cleaning.
  • Soft Closing for Seat & Cover; Prevents crash and prolongs the use of the toilet
  • Easy Installation & Detachment with riveted hinge set.
  • The seat is only " one-Click" away to be installed on or removed from the toilet

Suggestion and Warning

Should read the instruction before install the product 

  1. How to clean the toilet seat :  Should use kitchen detergent or soap with smooth sponge/cloth to clean the product or need to use small amount of chemical agent.
  2. Avoid using hard brush and scotch brite to clean becasue it will cause scratch mark on toilet seat.
  3. Avoid using toilet cleaner to clean because it will demage the toilet seat.
  4. Do not place any hot materials on the toilet seat or removed from the toilet.
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